About Us

We are a small business, creating handmade items.
These air fresheners, are made from unscented aroma beads. They are scented with hand-selected scents and colors and can be made into anything your brain can imagine.
These hangers can be placed in ANY small space. They work great for cars, closets, and even small bathrooms! 
You can even put them in smelly gym bags, or your children's sports bags!
These are great for so many purposes, and you can make them custom to YOUR needs and wants, which is the greatest part of all!
Hi y'all! My name is Amanda! I love to create and make freshies to match all of my moods, and do that for others as well! I'm happy you're here and would love to make a freshie or two for you!
For any questions please send an email to pinkcactusscents@yahoo.com